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2023 NEWS.....

To celebrate the beauty of all things floral, Isle of Man Flower Festival has for many years hosted an annual community event encompassing floral art in any medium, predominantly fresh flowers but also including arts & crafts.

We have now, however, said a fond farewell to the current Flower Festival committee members who are all retiring and it has not proved possible to find willing replacements.

We know many of our visitors enjoy seeing floral displays within the Island's churches and have therefore been in discussion with representatives of these organisations. It's our hope that the churches will carry the baton to hold future floral events, either individually or on a regional basis encompassing a group of geographically related venues.

These could be held annually or intermittently, for a week or a weekend, possibly including other community groups and potentially tying in with existing events in their local area such as fetes, exhibitions, open gardens etc.

We really appreciate your support for IOM Flower Festival over the years. Although future festivals will be different, it will be very exciting to see what develops, so do please give any new events your support.

Yellow Tulips
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